How Many Types of Door Lock Actuators Are There?

The door lock actuator is working in a very efficient manner. They are providing us with a way from where you can secure your car from any kind of issue. The lock door actuators come in various forms. All of them have benefited the people to the maximum. The lock door actuators have enabled people to learn about their work.

The way they work is great. can provide you with the proper working of door lock actuators. The lock four actuators of various types have been divided into different types due to the functioning of the lock for actuators.

Types of lock door actuators

Lock actuators have many types depending upon the work of the lock actuator. The main types of the lock actuator are

Samsung SHP-DP728 Smart Lock

This type of lock actuator is chosen by most cars as this type of lock accumulated as their preferred smart lock. This model of the lock actuator is one of the world’s first push-pull model door locks. Depending on your fancy, you can pull or push your door.

It has a capacity of storing up to 100 fingerprints as well as 39 RFID cards or pin cards. In this model the lock actuator gas a warning tune that will alert you if someone is lingering around your door. This model of the lock actuator also allows for unlocking.

Yale YM170

This model of the lock actuator has a very good standard for the conventional lock and keys for the years, their smart lock and the digital lock are very reliable. This model comes from PIN entry and with the fingerprint you can set up all the features and a voice guide to guide. This model of the lock actuator also contains alarm features that will work in case of break-ins.

Kaadas K9 Digital Door Lock

This model of the lock actuator is a brand from Germany that is known for its precision engineering. This model has a biometric fingerprint scanner. It is in the universal door handle and it can store up to 109 different types of fingerprints. Its thickness is about 1.3 cm. This model can fit into most of metal gates seamlessly.

Hafele EL9000

The best type of look door actuator is Hafele El9000. The beneficial aspect of this lock is that it is a recovery security system. If due to any issue, you are not able to recover the lock you have to simply visit the history of this lock, and there the lock will be saved automatically. So you must not think of the issue of how you will recover it, rather you can use it easily in your cars.

Philip His Easy Key alpha

The interesting fact about this door lock is that it is an anti-thief four lock. You will have to enter the pin three times. On the fourth time, it will be a dangerous thing for you if you use the password wrong the fourth time.

Because it has a siren fit in it and that siren bugs in to ring automatically. So it is a very convenient method for you to use this in any car of your use from where you want to get benefits.


Lock door actuators are of different qualities. The way these door actuators lock can be learned when to work and focus on the proper working of these four actuators. The functioning of these locks should also be discussed in a great manner.

The lock door actuators are of various types. If you want to get a good knowledge about these actuators you can get this from this article.



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